Britannia Football Challenge


•Each Week select up to 2 teams that you think will win their respective games.

•You will be awarded points equal to their winning margin.

• Choose wisely! You will also lose points equal to their losing margin!

• Each team can only be selected ONCE per season.

• There are 18 weeks, and 32 teams; you have 4 byes to help you pick the best spot to use each team.

No more than 2 games per week can be picked.

Games will lock at or around kick off time. Don't wait until the last second.

After your 4 byes are used, if you forget to pick a team by kickoff Monday night, the system will randomly assign a team for you out of your available teams.

Scores and pick availability will be updated Tuesday mornings.

Grand Prize of $1,000 Store Credit at either, or

Grand Prize is reserved for the person with the highest point total above 550 with all 32 teams picked.

  • $500

    Store Credit
  • $1,000
  • Store Credit
  • $250

    Store Credit